I used to be known as the “get muscularly large, really fast” guy. And I am still known as that to some degree even though I no longer train anyone. But in the last few years I have kind of been known as the  “you must be responsible for your health” guy especially on one certain board.

I feel the following is so important to anyone especially bodybuilders. Having trouble losing weight? Start with taking your median body temperature upon arising out of bed 3 days in a row….if its below 97.6 then its time to be looking at your thyroid levels. Having trouble gaining muscle mass? You need to take a look at both your IGF levels and your total and free testosterone levels. I am going to delve into all this much much deeper in the future but for right now I urge people to go to a site called

How this works is you go to and order up bloodwork for yourself. You will then be shown a list of labs local to you (within 10 miles of you or closer) where you can simply drop in, they will draw your blood and then within 2-3 days you will be emailed a full comprehensive panel of your unique chemistry.

I usually have bodybuilders get the Anti Aging panel….its expensive but its well worth it. Bodybuilders will pay 2000 dollars over a years time on worthless “newest rage to come down the block” supplements but balk at paying 250 bucks for full extensive bloodwork that will tell them so much about themselves. If you look online you will find coupons for 10% to 20% off on sites like so you can get another 30-50 dollars off the price.

The anti-aging panel is full of information

Lipids: This is a group of simple blood tests that reveal important information about the types, amount and distribution of the various types of fats (lipids) in the bloodstream.
Complete Blood Count (CBC’s): Used as a broad screening test to check for such disorders as anemia, infection, and many other diseases. It is actually a panel of tests that examines different parts of the blood.
Fluids and Electrolytes: Includes Chloride, Serum, Potassium, Sodium, Serum, and Carbon Dioxide
Thyroid Panel w/TSH: Includes T-3 Uptake, T4, T7, TSH
Liver: Includes Albumin, Alkaline Phosphatase, Alanine Transaminase (ALT) (SGPT), Aspartate Transaminase (AST) (SGOT), Bilirubin, Total, Bilirubin, Direct, Protein, Total
Kidney: Includes Albumin, Calcium, Carbon dioxide, Chloride, Creatinine, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, BUN
Glucose (Diabetes):
Mineral and Bone: Iron, Total, Calcium, and Phosphorus
Estradiol: one of the three Estrogen hormones
IGF1 Somatomedin-C (SC): is produced in the liver in response to stimulation by growth hormone secreted by the pituitary gland. This insulin-like growth factor level is used to evaluate disturbances of growth and to monitor treatment with growth hormones.
Testosterone,Total and Free: is a hormone that causes male characteristics. The blood level is used by men to investigate abnormal sexual development and sexual dysfunction. Small amounts are produced in women’s ovaries and levels are tested to evaluate virilization.
DHEA, SULFATE: Hormone produced in adrenal gland that causes the formation of male features and used to monitor treatment with drugs that reduce DHEA.
PSA: The prostate specific antigen (PSA), is a protein made only in the prostate gland. PSA is produced by normal, abnormal and cancerous prostatic tissue.


The key areas of interest here for bodybuilders are the estradiol, Igf1, testosterone, levels….but you are going to get 3 pages of information that will give you details of the gameplan you need to plan out for yourself. As I said Im going to go into great detail from hemoglobin to SHBG in the future and what you should be looking for as health markers but I urge people to take responsibility for their health and also…to figure out what problems you have …..and then get a supplement and healthy food together to fix them. I have fixed every problem I found with my own bloodwork with supplements, Ive fixed a slew of other bodybuilders bloodwork with supplements……but the first step is ordering up your bloodwork and seeing where you are at.