Customer Spotlight: Samantha Faghihifar

I am a reinsurance underwriter based out of the Dallas area. Simply put, reinsurance is insurance for insurance companies. I know that sounds a little silly but there are certain businesses that make even well known insurance companies nervous; that’s where I step in. My job is half sitting at a desk and half marketing throughout TX, OK, and LA. That being said, I’m on the road a lot, meeting people, eating out, and attending events. I work for a company owned by Berkshire Hathaway and have had the pleasure of meeting the famous Warren Buffet.

I grew up in Plano, TX. I was a band kid, playing the french horn for seven years. Today, I call The Colony home but I consider it all part of Dallas.

I’ve been an avid weight lifter for about eight years. I really first stepped into the gym when my first job post college resulted in some weight gain. I was kind of cardio bunny in college so weight lifting was a brand new world for me. My (now) husband had encouraged me to pick up a dumbbell instead of increasing my speed on the treadmill. I used and youtube to learn different exercises and proper form. A lot of trail and error. As the years went on, I definitely put on muscle but I never really followed a structure so my results were always a little wobbly.

My husband and I have really developed an appreciation for the body building world over the years. When you spend time in the gym, lifting heavy weights, you really see the science behind what it takes to change your body. I started watching instagram stories and videos of athletes’ transformations. Their hard work, workouts, but more importantly, the fun they were having gave me an urge to try this sport. But, I always had an excuse to not pursue it: my job requires me to travel, I need to lose weight first, I drink, the Holidays, etc.

As January 2018 approached, I became painfully aware that my 30th birthday was around the corner. I reflected on my 20’s and felt that I had really accomplished a lot. My career was going really well, I bought my first home by 28 (by myself, before I got married), and had recently married my husband. What was nagging me though? I still wanted to do a body building show. Something clicked this past December. I was standing at the dog park with my husband, we own two very large standard poodles, and I turned him and say, “If I don’t do it now, I never will”. He smiled back and said, “Let’s do this.” From there, I spent about two weeks researching the sport, finding a coach, and setting myself up for success. My rule was that I would do this right and be all in.

I decided to do a 19 week prep. I was a little out of shape for this goal and wanted to take it nice and slow. My results have been phenomenal and I am so proud of the work I have been doing, My coach is Dr. Bryce Cavillo of Fort Worth and he has been my champion – his instagram handle Dr_Bryce_Fit.

My husband used to work at Vitamin Shoppe, while he was in Chiropractic school, so he is a big fan of supplements in general. He introduced me to TrueNutrition about six years ago. At the time, he was looking for a specific protein and found a company that allowed him to customize his supplements without much limitations. The price was reasonable, the product was good…he was immediately hooked. Since then we have been regulars.

I will be competing at the Kuclo Classic in Plano, TX on Saturday, May 19th. Division Bikini – Novice & Open.

Meal Plan:
I eat six meals a day. My plan changes throughout my prep but here is a snap shot of my current meals.
1/2 cup of oatmeal, handful of blueberries, cinnamon, stevia
1 whole egg & 1/2 egg whites
TrueNutrition Chocolate Fudge Protein Powder in water
4 oz lean protein (chicken or ground turkey) & 1/2 c quinoa
4 oz lean protein & steamed broccoli
4 oz lean protein & 1/2 c quinoa
4 oz lean protein & lightly steamed broccoli

Workout Plan:
Sunday – Legs & Cardio
Monday – Push Day (triceps, chest, shoulders) & Cardio
Tuesday – Pull Day (back, biceps), Abs, & Cardio
Wednesday – Rest
Thursday – Legs & Cardio
Friday – Push Day (triceps, chest, shoulders) & Cardio
Saturday – Pull Day (back, biceps), Abs, & Cardio

TrueNutrition Supplements:
TrueNutrition Protein
I love that I can custom blend these and add flavoring. My husband and I both have food restrictions – we’re both dairy-free and he is egg-free. We have tried the whey (prior to removing dairy), egg white, beef amino, and cricket protein. All have been great and we do blends. For my show, I stick to the grass-fed beef amino protein. I like the TrueFlavor Chocolate Fudge and Vanilla – the regular flavor intensity is very good, it mixes well, and I like that the sweetener is stevia.
TrueNutrition BCAA’s
I have this every morning before my workout and add this to a lot of my drinks throughout the day. Because of that, I stick to flavorless so I can add it to anything.
TrueNutrition L-Carnitine Powder
One serving every morning before my workout
TrueNutrition L-Glutamine Powder
One serving post workout with my protein shake. The body becomes less forgiving as you lose body fat so this has been a life saver as I get closer to show day.

You guys just added collagen peptides which I am very excited about! I drink this twice a day.

Instagram Handle: sammie_sweetheart_

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