Customer Spotlight: McKenzie Wilson

Customer Spotlight: McKenzie Wilson

Congratulations to McKenzie, our recent True Nutrition Golden Scoop winner!  Read more about her below: 

How old are you?

21 years old

How did you first hear about True Nutrition?
My Dad told me about it. I fell in love with the taste, the way the protein makes me feel. It makes it easier for me to get pure, non-GMO plant protein in my diet (I get the Pea protein).

What is your favorite True Nutrition product?

My favorite product is the pea protein with a probiotic boost. My favorite flavor so far is cookies and cream.

What is your favorite way to train?

I enjoy lifting and conditioning/HIIT circuits and my favorite sport to play is soccer. I’m recovering from an ACL tear/surgery and start my return to sports physical therapy in about 3 weeks which is super exciting! It’s been almost a year since I’ve last played soccer which was how I tore my ACL in the first place.

Why is health/fitness so important to you?

Health and fitness is important to me because I love being active. It makes me feel good about myself in so many ways.

If you were trapped on an island with just ONE item, what item would you bring?

I’d bring a knife (I know that’s a boring and logical answer, sorry.)

What’s one interesting fact or detail that not many know about you?

In my free time in the summer, I like to practice hula hooping tricks next to my pool.

Instagram: @kenz__13

…Who will win the next golden scoop?

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