Ask True Nutrition #6: Plain Protein

For those of you that have been using True Nutrition for any length of time, this may seem like a silly question, but one of the most common inquiries that we receive still remains the same after all of these years:

Do you offer plain protein?

That’s simple enough, but with so many products available on the market that are just saturated in unrecognizable ingredients and cryptic product descriptions, it is a question that is worth answering.

True Nutrition was built on the principle that every consumer should be entirely aware of what they are ingesting as part of their daily nutritional intake. As part of this message, we were one of the first companies in the world to endow nutrition enthusiasts with the ability to build their own custom protein powders based on their specific dietary needs. In many cases, this means eliminating one or more ingredients which may be causing difficulties in digestion when using other brands, or even ordering a raw protein powder that has not been altered in any way.

“Do we offer plain protein?” We certainly do. At present, True Nutrition offers over 30 unique protein powders that may be purchased in their basic powder form with no additional binders, fillers, sweetening, or flavoring ingredients added. It is important to note, however, that some of these items may include lecithin in the form of soy lecithin or sunflower lecithin in order to improve their mixability in liquid. True Nutrition discloses all ingredients listings for every product within the individual product descriptions online, and also through the helpful Information buttons that are embedded within the Custom Mix Generator. Here, you can find out if any given material has been instantized with lecithin or not. Unless otherwise noted, all other powders will be free from any additional ingredients.

This arms consumers with the ability to remove all forms of soy and other potential allergens from their diets if they so desire, in addition to offering the ability to order using all-natural flavoring and sweetening ingredients, or without any form of flavoring or sweetener based on personal preference. True Nutrition is also sure to divulge the original plant or animal source of every material for individuals that may be intolerant to milk, dairy, or other materials.

Many customers do arrive on our doorstep with more complex concerns, like wanting to recreate a common retail item minus a few select ingredients. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff members are always on hand to help with product advice and formulation ideas through our main e-mail account at

Whether you are simply looking for plain protein powder or a complex array of different proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, True Nutrition is your one true source for high-quality products from a trusted and reputable source. Contact us today to see what True Nutrition can do for you!

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